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12 Sided Clear Quartz Vogel

12 Sided Clear Quartz Vogel

Transform • Clarity • Healing
Chakra: All
Element: Spirit
Crystal System: Trigonal

This is a powerful healing tool, as much a work of human art as it is a work of nature. This precisely cut Vogel Crystal is a refinement of the natural quartz energies. The male and female terminations are cut to an internal angle of 51degrees, 51 minutes and 51 seconds. These precision instruments are primarily used for focusing, amplifying and transmitting healing energy. This 12 sided Vogel Crystal is specifically cut to enhance transformational energies. Quartz is a natural transformer, and this particular cut produces the most powerful transformational energy possible.

110mm x 32mm

~ comes with insert on what you need to get started with cleansing and charging your new crystal, and info on its magic and how to use it ~