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Leo Season

Sun in Leo > July 23 - August 22

Welcome to LEO season! We are shifting from nurturing, feminine Cancer energy and into fiery sign of Leo where self-expression, purpose, and passion reign!! This is the sign where passion meets heart, a beautiful combination for us to dance with this season.

Leo is outgoing, enthusiastic, powerful, expansive, creative, generous and extravagant but on the shadow side can also be dramatic and self-centered. Leo’s love to have the mic on stage, but only about things they truly care about. Their passion comes fuelled with the fire element, as this sign is ruled by the Sun, and very few obstacles can stand in the way of going after their grandiose goals. This season is all about commanding our own power within and self-authority.

This season, we’re developing a greater sense of trust within ourselves - that we are worthy of the things we truly desire, that we are more than capable of going after our goals, that we are divinely guided every step of the way, and exactly where we are supposed to be on our unique journeys.

We are upping the courage and caliber this season to support all of the excellence and upgrades (and responsibility that accompanies) coming our way.

Leo’s are childlike and want to have fun, so let your hair down and use this playful energy while taking action... trying new things, facing fears, and surprising yourself by what you are capable of. Feel the victory that this brings!!

Planetary transits by Mars and Mercury passing through Leo during this season are delivering an element of fire to super-charge the action-oriented influence to express ourselves clearly and effectively. Especially if truths were brought to the surface with last season’s eclipses, now is a great time to make sure we are taking the necessary action with the surges of fearlessness that are divinely delivered to us this season through the cosmos. Those, under this Leo energy, don’t let anything get in the way of pursuing your passions and openly expressing yourself on the matters that arise. Just be sure to take pauses to listen to others and think before speaking, as Leo’s can tend to be impulsive and self-centered.

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